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Why test my lime? 

The old saying of “oils aint oils” definitely applies to lime.

Lime varies from pit to pit and from within pits. Lime from each pit has different neutralising values (expressed as a percentage relative to pure Calcium Carbonate) and particle size distributions and is often geographically isolated from your farm. Lime isn’t cheap so these factors need to be considered when purchasing your recommended amount.

When testing your lime, you need to know the neutralising value of the lime (the purity of the lime affects its capacity to change the pH) and the particle size (which affects the speed of pH change).

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Optimising Lime –Three Checks (Short Film)

One of the major constrains to plant production in the south coast of Western Australia is soil acidity. One of the best ways to manage soil acidity is through the application of lime.

Take three checks to make sure you apply lime efficiently. The best lime is the one which can be sourced, delivered and speared on farm for the cheapest price talking quality into account. 

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Case study by SEPWA

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