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Increasing Soil Organic Carbon

Increasing Soil Organic Carbon
Though biological farming

Stephen and Kerry Frost farm at Narrikup, a small town located approximately half-way between Albany and Mt Barker in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

The Frosts have spent many years investigating and implementing a wide range of land management practices centred on maintaining and improving the health of their soils. These practices have allowed them to "grow their own carbon".

The Frosts hold the firm belief, that when actively engaging in conservation practices and striving to increase biodiversity in a whole-of-farm management system, not only does the productivity improve, but so too does the profit.

Farmer Profile

NAME: Stephen & Kerry Frost.
LOCATION: Stonemeal Farm, Narrikup, WA.
ENTERPRISE: 100 per cent livestock (wool & prime lamb production).
PROPERTY SIZE: 275 ha, including 40 ha of protected & managed
remnant vegetation & 57 ha of blue gum plantation in second rotation.
SOIL TYPE: Sandy duplex.

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