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Climate Change Addendum

  • The Addendum adds climate planning to Southern Prospects 2011 - 2016. It reviews the key threats of a changing climate on the natural resources of our region including impacts on coastal and marine, land, biodiversity, water and cultural heritage assets.

    The Addendum also examines the capacity of our community to adapt to a changing climate.

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Economic review of key land management systems on South Coast

Royalties for Regions Carbon Project - Showcase

  • In 2012, Royalties for Regions (R4R) awarded funding to the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFW A) to deliver a state-wide, carbon farming awareness project.

    The project was aimed at building the capacity of WA land managers to gain an improved understanding of the inherent risks and opportunities of carbon farming, take advantage of opportunities as they arise and ultimately grow prosperity through diversification of activities in WA. In order to build capacity at all levels and strengthen linkages between research and land managers, DAFWA opted to partner with six WA NRM groups to deliver the project.

    Together the partners worked to find answers to a number of known unknowns and improve general understanding of the complex and dynamic federal carbon legislation and carbon market environment.

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