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Climate • Action • Farming

South Coast Natural Resource Management has developed this website to help the community to understand some of the challenges of a changing climate in our region. The South Coast region is already experiencing the impact of climate change.  Rainfall has decreased 10-20% in the past 30 years and there has been an overall warming of temperatures.  Further declines in rainfall are predicted. Climate • Action • Farming aims to provide the South Coast community with resources to help understand climate predictions for the region, how they might impact their farming enterprise, and what they can do to manage that risk. 

  • Spreading the word – the site contains many resources that may help land managers understand what predictions are for the region, and how they may affect them
  • What can I do? – the site includes case studies and short films about practices to maximise soil carbon and improve farm profitability, along with practices to manage saline sites using perennials and how this can be used to manage methane emissions.
  • How can I get involved? Fact sheets provide information about getting involved in the carbon market – and the many options available to land managers to do this.
  • What is South Coast NRM doing? – Planning for climate change and our associated Climate Action on Farms Project have produced many maps and resources that the community can use. A links page and South Coast NRM contacts page will help community members find what they are looking for.